Billy D's Pub & Bistro - 55 Martinis

We know the Basics of Martinis. The Gin, Vodka, Manhattan, Gibson, etc. We make those... But ... Here is our 55 Martini List that we boast of. If you don't find one here that you liked elsewhere, please tell us how to make it. It may make it on a future list!

$7.25 each - Minimum 2 oz.

Aloha Martini
vodka, coconut rum, strawberry liqueur,milk

Antifreeze Martini
vodka, blue curacao, banana liqueur, orange juice

Banana Split Martini
vanilla vodka, kahlua, banana liqueur, milk

"BIG" Orange Martini
triple sec, golden pear liqueur, orange juice

Blue Lagoon Martini
gin, blue curacao, grapefruit juice

Bottle Cap Martini
root beer schnapps, raspberry sourpuss, lime juice with a splash of sprite

Bumble Berry Martini
blackberry & raspberry liqueur, apple sourpuss, lime juice

Burnt Martini
vodka with a splash of scotch

Caramel Apple Martini
green apple vodka, apple sourpuss, butter ripple schnapps, splash of lime

Chocolate Strawberry Martini
white créme, kahlua, strawberry liqueur, baja rosa, splash of cream

Cin City Martini
fireball whisky, raspberry liqueur, cranberry

Cocoa Peach Martini
coconut rum, peach schnapps, orange and pineapple juice

Cosmopolitan Martini
vodka or gin, triple sec, cranberry, lime

vodka and cranberry juice

Dewberry Martini
golden pear, blackberry liqueur, cranberry, orange, splash of ginger ale

Eager Beaver Martini
spiced rum, mango liqueur, cream

Easy Rider Martini
peach schnapps, banana liqueur, orange juice

Ferocious Kitty Martini
mango liqueur, blackberry liqueur, lemonade

baileys chocolate mint, whiskey, cream

Funky Monkey Martini
vodka, strawberry liqueur, banana liqueur

Gold Digger Martini
triple sec, goldschlager, ½ squeezed lemon

Grasshopper Martini
white cacao, créme de menthe, milk, whipping cream

Green Apple Martini
green apple vodka, apple sourpuss , lime juice

citrus vodka, coconut rum, pineapple juice

Hot Bartender Martini
sambucca, triple sec, lemonade

Ice n Fire Martini
fireball, apple sourpuss, lemonade

raspberry vodka, blackberry liqueur, lemonade

Jack’s Juicy Martini
jack daniels, mango liqueur, splash of lime

raspberry sourpuss, citrus vodka, lemonade

Laughing Banana Martini
vanilla vodka, banana liqueur, pineapple juice

Long Beach Martini
long island mix, cranberry juice, sprite

Manhattan Martini
rye, sweet vermouth, bitters with a cherry

melon liqueur, coconut rum, pineapple juice

Mudslide Martini
vodka, baileys, kahlua, dash of cream

Nutty Morgan Martini
captain morgan spiced rum, frangelico

Peach Kiss Martini
vanilla vodka, peach schnapps, orange & cranberry juice

Peachy Martini
peach schnapps, mango liqueur, orange juice

raspberry vodka, gin, triple sec, cranberry & lime

Raspberrylicious Martini
raspberry sourpuss, raspberry vodka, cranberry juice

Righteous Martini
citrus vodka, blue curacao, cranberry juice, lemonade

Seabreeze Martini
citrus vodka, cranberry & grapefruit juice

Siesta Martini
tequila, grand marnier, cranberry & lime juice

Sinful Mint Martini
baileys chocolate mint, vanilla vodka, kahlua, cream

Sour Baby Martini
citrus vodka, apple sourpuss, grapefruit juice

Sour Mama Martini
citrus vodka, raspberry sourpuss, grapefruit juice

Sticky Lips Martini
baileys caramel, butter ripple schnapps

Strawberry Cheesecake Martini
vanilla vodka, amaretto, strawberry liqueur, splash of milk

The Classic Martini
vodka or gin, olive or lemon, dry or dirty

The Cougar Martini
golden pear, blackberry liqueur, cranberry juice

Toasted Almond Martini
kahlua, amaretto and cream

Ultra Violet Martini
raspberry vodka, blue curacao, cranberry juice

Vanilla Sky Martini
vanilla vodka, kahlua, white créme and baileys with milk

White Chocolate Martini
white créme de cacao, vanilla vodka

Yummy Mummytini
raspberry, strawberry and blackberry liqueur, lime juice

Zombie Martini
peach schnapps, blue curacao, dark rum, pineapple and orange juice


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